Here in Australia we are blessed with a great diversity of wildlife. Despite what you’ve been told we want you to know that most of our animals don’t want to bite or eat you!
So here are our favourite top 10 cutest native animals to help convince you.
10. Potoroo
Hopping around like a miniature kangaroo and moving as quiet as a mouse, the potoroo is an interesting creature. A very cute marsupial to start off our top 10!
9. QuollThe little pink nose and inquisitive eyes give the quoll it’s cuteness factor. Mostly nocturnal and solitary these creatures are very elusive. If you have the privilege of seeing the quoll in the wild you are very lucky indeed.
8. WallabyWhat can we say? The wallaby is one of our furry favourites whether it’s the yellow-footed rock wallaby or the Tammar wallaby all of their cute little faces make it onto the list.
7. EchidnaElusive little creatures that will take you by surprise when you stumble across them. With strange little spines and a long sticky tongue these quirky monotremes also have a cuteness about them.
6. WombatA chunky furry marsupial that looks super cuddly! Of course the wombat made the list. Don’t underestimate them though they can run faster than you think.
5. Australian Sea LionCurious and playful, these guys are the puppies of the ocean. Those big wide eyed stares are too cute to resist!
4. KangarooLook at those lashes! With a generally soft temperament and laid back nature kangaroos are an iconic favourite native animal.
3. QuokkaSmile! These little guys are probably our most photogenic native animal. It’s easy to see why the quokka made our top 3.
2. Pygmy Possum
Awww the tiniest possum you ever did see! This little one is difficult to photograph but check it out here.
1. KoalaWe just couldn’t go past the koala for our number one! Cuddly, furry, sleepy creatures that look so odd sitting on a tiny branch. They are the number one pick for international visitors and as a local I still get excited seeing them in the wild!
Do you agree with our list or have we missed one of our cutest natives?
Want your very own koala close-up experience? Click here.
Please remember to respect all wildlife and keep a safe distance.

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